Jade Shamrocks

Friday, June 02, 2006

Shopping with Lily

Hi - Maryellen here. I got Lily to bed, at 1:15am, and now I can't sleep, so I thought I'd add to the blog. Many thanks to Ger for the great coverage. I've decided she needs to write the book - and I'll edit it - in true big sister fashion.

Although this is out of order, I wanted to add in some photos of our shopping trip. We've commented on it before - but we had not gotten to the pearls! We were taken to the pearl and jade markets in Guangzhou for 1 hour. THIS is power shopping. We actually stayed on longer to check out the jade market, with our new friend Connie. We're glad we did. The pearl market was like a huge mall of only pearls. The jade market had indoor and outdoor vendors. It was very interesting.

Lily, like most innocent children, likes nothing better than paper, boxes and plastic bags. But . . . she's narrowing in on her favorite type of paper . . . and she started to understand that she was in charge

She's clever too. She kept hearing about shopping and bargains - and finally cashed in.

She shopped 'til she dropped. She's good, but she doesn't yet have the years of training that we have from her grandmother.

She actually received one beautiful strand of pearls and earrings from Grandma and Grandpa - which she will treasure forever.