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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Green Eggs and Ham

We made it to China! So surreal and wonderful. So far so good. The flight is l o n g but we were able to switch with people and all sit together at least. We all agree that the coach seats we had on Air China were bigger than the seats we get on United from Newark to SFO. The food was even good.

This morning, after small, random doses of sleep over the past day or two, we hit the breakfast buffet. And there were about 5 kinds of eggs, including, no lie, green eggs. What is usually the white part was a clear dark green. Really. There was ham too. Luckily there were also pancakes, French toast and other non-delicacies. We all ate well, and experimented a bit. I had the best bowl of wonton soup imaginable - at 6:30am. When in China . . .

The room is terrific. We have determined that if we had Sleep number beds I would be a 100 (assuming that’s the hard end of the scale), Geraldine a 20 and Sheila a 10. This was realized when I woke up and proclaimed the bed was great. We agreed only on the nice sheets. So, aside from my waking up sobbing with a (lost paperwork) nightmare - literally (the poor girls – it took me some time to realize it was 3:30am here), and somebody’s snoring, all is good. I just can’t wait until Tuesday night, when we have her with us. Then we won’t care anymore about hotel trivia.

I relaxed today, and went to church. I thought it fitting as I’m impressed that China is willing to let these girls travel around the world, becoming citizens of different countries and practicing different religions. The mass was familiar. English and some Latin. Notably, 3 times during the Mothers’ Day homily th priest mentioned that mothers should serve their husbands. No kudos or references to the strength of mothers coming from the pulpit of St. Mary’s, Beijing. So, similar but different is how we’ll leave that.

After church I went to a spa. 2 hours for 178RMB = $21.87! Happy Mother’s Day to Me, ha-ha. And a Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there that have been such inspiring role models for me. Thank you.

“The girls” went to the Great Wall today, so I’ll let them write the next entry. The computer hook up is sketchy, so hang in there with us, and know we’re doing well. 2 days and hyperventalating. xoxo, Maryellen


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