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Monday, June 27, 2011

June 2011

(I'll just pretend I've been blogging all along.)

Glad I grabbed this shot - it's so "every day".

Sunday - running off to church "a few minutes" late - breakfast in hand. She picked the outfit and did her hair - including the dollar store hairband she picked with her $1 - with the multi color strands hanging down. The new addition of the week is the overscaled purse. It was mine - being sold at a garage sale this weekend - and came home as hers. "Mom - watch this - in the sun it's purple, in the shade it's black, purple, black, purple, black". I knew it was holding a barbie, I didn't realize until church that she'd fit barbie's whole horse in there as well. Happy girl!

This is what 6 years minus 44 days looks like at our house. xoxo


No intentions - complete blur


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