Jade Shamrocks

Friday, January 18, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had a great trip to Morristown to see family and friends. Next year I believe Santa will get more attention, but he didn't fit into the color coded spreadsheet of a schedule that Aunt "Deen Deen" made for us this year. It was full of parties - and Lil loves a party - and a party dress.

Favorite quote: "Ho Ho Socks". Lily's name for the 8 stockings hung down the staircase at Grandma and Papap's house. (Eight once one was added for Marlo - Uncle Bub's canine toddler)

Standout gift: Red leather boots that Aunt Sheila imported from Cheyenne, Wyoming. They're giving the favored froggy boots a run for their money.

Favorite picture from our card:

Other pictures will have to follow, as none of them are on my camera.

Happy, healthy 2008 to all!