Jade Shamrocks

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lily Rocks - and Walks!!

Lily is up and running. Yikes!! Just in the last day or two she went from walking holding hands to standing her self up and taking off. This comes just in time for mama to get back to work. Aunt Geraldine will be getting the cardio workout during the day. Lily and I are thrilled to have her staying with us for an extended vacation.

Lily's doing just terrific. With 6 teeth, she's eating everything we give her - and everything she can get her hands on. She loves to sling little purses over her arm and wear our headbands, and she adores a few stuffed animals that are almost as big as she is. She's very happy to be playing in sand - either at the playground or the beach. And I do believe she loves a party every bit as much as I do!

With a full stock of bandaids and booboo bunnies, we're ready for the next phase. Sort of . . .