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Monday, March 05, 2012

March 2012

So, while I haven't blogged in ages (see notable gaps), I think I will. I met a new colleague today and realized I couldn't stop talking about L and motherhood. Fine for a little bit, but realized this proud, happy, crazy , worried mamma could use another outlet. I'll write here, and then at least it's optional to hear about the latest details, and my passion about the many shocking right-there-in-front-of-you changes that happen at least weekly.

The quick catch up - 6 and a half, which included a lunch of half items (half a sandwich, half a cookie, half an apple, etc.)
Ballet is the latest and greatest. I'm happy to report that she has no issues going, and doesn't seem to miss soccer a bit. (sorry friends. I DO miss hanging out.)

With two weeks until the first family wedding, there will be pictures galore soon. The flower girl is ready for her moment. She trained for this when she was three. No sweat :>

First grade is going well (at least I'm going with that until I get the real scoop at the parent teacher conference this week). The latest look - the big step up to messenger bag from back pack. Best $12.89 I've spent in a while.


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