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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mashed potatoes and chop sticks

Hi all - I'm busy loving every minute with Lily. Grandma came to visit a few days after Sheila and Ger left. Thank God! I hadn't counted on that level of jet lag or lack of free time. It probably tells me in one of those magazines or books I was supposed to read to get organized BEFORE the baby arrives. Oh well. Instead of the 48 projects I had in mind for 10 days, Mom - being a great mom - did what I needed, instead of what I wanted. We had a great visit, and she left us in good shape.

While grandma was here, I learned that there will be lots of blending of the cultures. We went out for dinner to Park Chow one evening when Lily was crashed out after her first immunizations. When she woke up, we improvised, and fed her mashed potatoes off of a chop stick. I'm sure there will be lots of new tricks in the Briscoe homes, but I thought that one was funny. It worked quite well. Who knew!

Now, Lily and I are off to NJ this week until mid-June. The Briscoe girls won't believe how much she's learned. And the Briscoe men are about to be swept off their feet. Happy summer to all!!

Maryellen & Lily


  • Hello Briscoe Women from Beth, the tallest women from the China group. I poured myself a beer and just finished reading your entire blog . I laughed, cried, laughed some more, and and then poured another beer. I'm thrilled you are doing well. Lilly is so beautiful! She has found a wonderful family and will have you all behaving yourselves in no time (maybe Geraldine will need a little extra time). Loved seeing the pics from China, and am glad to put faces of the rest of your family to all the great stories..
    I've forwarded your blog to Julie, Brian, Gwendolyn and little Faye. They are doing great and Faye is thriving. At two years old, she is a quick study and curious about everything.
    What a grand adventure we shared. My best wishes to you and my thanks to you for sharing the amazing story of your beautiful little daughter.

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